Buying Services in Melbourne, FL

We are always interested in purchasing your items outright. If you have items to sell or wish to inquire about pieces we have for sale please use our contact form or call us at (321) 768-6668 to make an appointment at our gallery.

We Buy…


  • All old prints
  • Photographs
  • Paintings, especially by recognized artists


  • All fine jewelry
  • Highest cash prices for large diamonds or emeralds
  • Old costume jewelry


  • Anything made of gold including bullion
  • Gold filled jewelry


  • Anything made of silver
  • We pay a premium for antique silver 


  • Militaria from all wars, especially guns and swords
  • Modern pistols also desired; we are licensed


  • Sculptures of any material, especially signed pieces of ivory, bronze, marble or glass

Musical Instruments

  • All vintage instruments especially guitars and violins

Stamps and Coins

  • Whole stamp collections and especially pre-1940 U.S. stamps in any condition
  • All gold and any silver coins
  • Rare U.S. coins
  • Rare paper money 

Old Toys

  • In any condition